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At Shaun Davies Home Solutions, we have already noticed a rise in the demand for ‘smart heating controls’, as we are beginning to use them on more and more kitchen, bedroom and bathroom projects in and around the Cardiff area.

We believe homeowners are increasingly interested in smart controls as the price of fossil fuel energy continues to rise - saving energy is now a mainstream preoccupation for many, as is the general popularity of home “gadgets”.

This smart technology allows you to control your heating and hot water setting whenever and wherever you are via your mobile phone or tablet device.  There are many devices coming on to the market.  We are big fans of the Wave from Worcester and Honeywell’s evohome.

Worcester’s Wave has some great benefits including a Weather Compensation Feature that looks at the weather in your local postcode area and makes sure that your home stays comfortably warm.  It can also sense whether you are at home by detecting your smart phone and turns the heating on automatically if you are.

honeywell evohome use

For the ultimate in control however, the Honeywell evohome is a great choice. Instead of just being able to turn your heating on and off from remote devices like most smart control systems, it also permits independent time and temperature control of up to 12 different zones in the home plus hot water, and is extremely easy to use.

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